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  • Open Find Hidden Code to Get Free 07 Runescape Gold on RSorder Dec 13

    The age old problem at FAMU and other schools that permit hazing is allowing ANY buy osrs gold hazing to go on. What kind of example is any school that allows such a...
    1 day ago
  • Open police statistics

    Police statistics per police station for 29 different crime categories. Includes data from 2010 - 2011. If possible in CSV format. or please help me with this error "Cannot GET...
    8 days ago
  • Open Mr.

    Recent Ethiopia shape file
    11 days ago
  • Open 2001 SA Census

    Shapefiles for the 2001 South Africa Census, particularly for the enumeration areas, as they have been changed in the 2011 census.
    19 days ago
  • Open Health facilities in Kano State, Nigeria

    Primary, Secondary care facilities, Antenatal services, neonatal services
    1 month ago
  • Closed Gauteng border shapefile

    Good day, Could you kindly provide me with a shapefile for Gauteng province? Just the border, no municipalities or anything extra. I would like to use this in a publication we...
    2 months ago
  • Closed Bitrus Amos

    I am looking for shapefile for Abuja - Nigeria that has all the areas within Abuja to allow me represent my sampling areas for a study I am doing currently on: low income...
    3 months ago
  • Closed gauteng minucipality

    municipalities found in gauteng
    4 months ago
  • Open Household budget survey for Tanzania

    Iam requesting the data on food consumption away from home especially for Dar es salaam region in Tanzania. The range of data is from 2005 up to 2018. The data also should have...
    6 months ago
  • Open Water Point Mapping in Kenya

    I am requesting for the over 8,000 water points that were mapped in 8 Counties by December 2013 in Kenya for a school based project that was conducted under the leadership of...
    6 months ago