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  • Open Up to $10 voucher of RS3gold RS 3 Gold for you to take til May.17

    Not talking, having a conversation, who is going to cheap runescape 3 gold be who and when is everybody going to end, all aside from the movie.. Everyone has their own...
    4 days ago
  • Open Sex doll demand data

    www.24buydoll.com en la búsqueda eterna de la belleza y la perfección, nuestro trabajo no es solo hacer muñecas realistas, sino también crear sus almas. Es por eso que nuestros...
    8 days ago
  • Open Water Point Mapping in Kenya

    I am requesting for the over 8,000 water points that were mapped in 8 Counties by December 2013 in Kenya for a school based project that was conducted under the leadership of...
    10 days ago

    OEMs can benefit from on-demand break-fix services in many ways when you require access to IT engineers to help with replacing failed hardware, by utilizing FE’s skilled local...
    12 days ago
  • Open Microfinance

    2 months ago
  • Open Super markets

    data on supermarkets in Kenya, brand name, town of location
    3 months ago
  • Open Water Utilities in Kenya

    The Quick Statistics on Water Utilities in Kenya Covers Generalized information on Water service providers, from the population served, to the water produced , consumed and...
    4 months ago
  • Open Election Information from ACE Project

    The ACE project provides a lot of good data around elections and is updated for the countries Takwimu is targeting. It could be useful to provide this information in Takwimu....
    8 months ago
  • Open dataset for man and woman of different country in Africa

    Im student university i want to do the reserch
    9 months ago
  • Open Hospital Records of patient with disease

    Records of different disease patient report everyday, their current temperature and their body reaction to the disease. This will help in BioMeteorology
    10 months ago