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  • TaxClock - Kenya
    Updated November 29, 2017 | Created August 19, 2016
    Inspired by Tax Day by Fred Chasen and by Tax Schedule by Code for South Africa, TaxClock Kenya is an online tool showing how public budget data can be used to help citizens...
  • Open Data Companion (ODC)
    Updated November 22, 2017 | Created March 26, 2016
    Open Data Companion (ODC) is a productivity tool which provides a unified access point to over 120 open data portals and thousands of datasets from around the world; right from...
  • PesaCheck A Fact Checking Initiative in East Africa
    Updated November 21, 2017 | Created August 19, 2016
    Pesa is a Kiswahili word meaning money. Combined, PesaCheck literally means check money. With this in mind, PesaCheck is an East African fact-checking initiative that uses data...
  • GotToVote - Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Zimbabwe
    Updated November 21, 2017 | Created March 26, 2016
    GotToVote! is a suite of tools that help citizens understand how to register for elections and then helps them find their nearest voter registration centre. GotToVote also helps...