OPD diagnoses 5 and above years by Council - 2014

URL: http://statistics.go.tz/dataset/d74e9355-21dc-4e95-bc49-7c290ca38fb7/resource/27f37323-de56-4f76-9ea1-6d2e1e201f2e/download/OPD-diagnoses-5-and-above-years-by-Council-2014.csv

This data shows the number of outpatient department diagnoses of age 5 and above years by Council from Mainland Tanzania - 2014


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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Council Name text
Abortion numeric
AFP numeric
Anaemia, severe numeric
Anaemia,mildmoderate numeric
Bronchial Asthma numeric
Burn numeric
Cardiovascular diseases numeric
Caries numeric
Cataract numeric
Cerebral palsy numeric
Cholera numeric
Dental conditions numeric
Dental emergency care numeric
Diabetes mellitus numeric
Diagnoses, other numeric
Diarrhea chronic numeric
diarrhea with Devere dehydration numeric
Diarrhea with no dehydration numeric
Diarrhea with some dehydration numeric
Diarrhoea, acute numeric
Dysentery numeric
Ear infection,acute numeric
Ear infection,chronic numeric
Emergencies,other numeric
Epilepsy numeric
Eye infection numeric
Eye diseases, non-infectious numeric
Fracture numeric
Fungal infection,non-skin numeric
GIT other non-infectious numeric
Gynaecological diseases numeric
HIV positive numeric
HIV infection, symptomatic numeric
Hypertension numeric
Ill defined symptoms (no diagnosis) numeric
Influenza numeric
Intestinal worms numeric
Keratoconjunctivitis numeric
Kwashiorkor numeric
Leprosy numeric
Malaria bs +ve numeric
Malaria clinical numeric
Malaria in pregnancy numeric
Malaria mrdt +ve numeric
Marasmic kwashiorkor numeric
Marasmus numeric
Measles numeric
Meningitis numeric
Mental conditions, other numeric
Moderate malnutrition numeric
Neoplasms numeric
Neurosis numeric
Nutritional disorders numeric
Onchocerciasis numeric
Peptic ulcers numeric
Periodontal diseases numeric
Plague numeric
Pneumonia, non-severe numeric
Pneumonia, severe numeric
Poisoning numeric
Pregnancy complications numeric
Psychoses numeric
Rabies suspected rabied bites numeric
Relapsing fever numeric
Rheumatic fever numeric
Rheumatoid and joint diseases numeric
Road traffic accidents numeric
Schistosomiasis numeric
Sexually transmitted infection numeric
Sickle cell disease numeric
Skin diseases, non-infectious numeric
Skin infection non fungal numeric
Skin infection, fungal numeric
Snake and insect bite numeric
STI genital discharge syndrome (gds) numeric
STI genital ulcer diseases (gud) numeric
STI pelvic inflammatory diseases numeric
Surgical conditions,other numeric
Thyroid diseases numeric
Trachoma numeric
Trypanosomiasis numeric
Tuberculosis numeric
Typhoid numeric
Upper respiratory infections numeric
UTI numeric
Viral haemorrhagic fevers numeric
Vitamin a deficiency numeric
Yellow fever numeric

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